Transgender Resources

Am I Trans?

Only you can determine your gender identity. The realization that you’re trans can happen in an instant or unfold over many years.

Gender Questioning


How do you use they/them pronouns in the singular? Yes, they can be singular. What about other gender-neutral pronouns?

Xe, Xem, Who?


Yes, it's an awkward time for everyone but it's even harder for trans youth. What are some of the things you should know first?

Block That


Stuck with something on your chest? Here are some tips for safe binding, taking care of your binder, and appearing more masculine.

Pecs, Please


Whether you have started estrogen or not you may feel that you just don't have enough curves. Here are some safe ways to pad them up.

Shape Me


Looking for a safe way to smooth everything out? Remember to take it slow and listen to your body. Learn the tricks of the trade here.

Smooth As A Peach


Hey, there! You look a little excited. Let's make sure that packer can tone it down a bit. Learn some safe and clean ways to pack.

Just Be Yourself


Yes, it may seem gendered but anyone can use makeup to appear more as their authentic self. Let's break down the canvas together.

Make Me Up Before You Go


Whether you are looking to appear more masculine feminine or androgynous, we have the tips for you.



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