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Da FUQS a Packer?

What is a packer?
A packer is padding to the front of underwear that creates the appearance of a penis.
Why would someone want a packer?
Packers can help transgender people feel less dysphoric (disconnected from their body). While packers can be used for people to appear like they have a penis, they can also be used for standing up to pee or for "play".
Are there different kinds of packers?
Yes, there are packers for just packing, for packing and peeing, and packing and playing. Knowing what you want out of a packer can help you choose the one that best suits you.
How do I choose a packer?
Know what you want from a packer. Do you need it for the bathroom or just to reduce your bottom dysphoria? Price and purpose are your main factors in deciding about packing.
How do I hold my packer in place?
Packers are held in place in packing harnesses though some have also used "speakeasy briefs" to pack in. Speakeasy briefs have a pocket to hold a packer but isn't useful for anything other than show. Some people even make their own harnesses. FTM Down Under also makes harnesses with O rings and a pouch to hold a packer or STP.
How do I take care of my packer?
Each packer has different care instructions check with your packer maker to see how to clean them.
What if my packer looks like an erection?!
Do your best to not place the shaft over the balls of the packer this is what creates the bulge. Also put the shaft to the left or right pant leg. Experiment with your packer as everyone is just a bit different.
Where can I get a packer?
Many places sell packers online.
Can I stand and pee with a packer?
Yes, if you get an STP or stand to pee device you can use your packer for the restroom. 3-in-1 packers also allow you to use them for standing to pee.
What if I can't afford a packer?
You can always soft pack with a sock. You can even pin it in place with a safety pin. Just be sure to check the mirror before pinning it in place.
Can I "play" with my packer?
Some packers can be used for play. These packers are called hard packs. They come in two varieties. One to just pleasure your partner(s) or one that pleases yourself and your partner(s).
Are there different types of packer harnesses?
There are boxers, briefs, and straps for holding packers in place.
How comfortable is it to wear a packer?
When things get a little warmer wearing a packer can be uncomfortable because the packer can become sweaty and sticky. Though most say that wearing a packer is relatively comfortable when positioned correctly.
What if my packer feels sticky?
First clean your packer and let it air dry. If it is still sticky after drying you can add a light dusting of corn starch to help reduce the stickiness.

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