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They never said testosterone was a needed component for manhood but it does help.



Estrogen may help you feel like more of a woman but it's not the only thing. Learn the process for starting estrogen.


Puberty Blocker

Yes, it's an awkward time for everyone but it's even harder for trans youth. What are some of the things you should know first?

Puberty, please hold.


Finding someone you trust with your insecurities is difficult, and then on top of that trusting them with your gender identity!

Take A Breath


Whether you are looking for transitional care or just need a primary care provider we have you covered.

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Need something of your chest? Or maybe add a little more? Find surgeons who are willing to treat you as the amazing person you are.

Gender Confirmation, Please

Fem Top Surgery

Estrogen can only help so much with breast growth. Sometimes you just need a little more.


Off Your Chest

We get it those things just seem to be getting heavier. What can you do to get them off?


Fem Bottom

You know the reference. Need we explain more. Find everything you would need to know about feminine bottom surgery.


Masc Bottom

Ah, yes the eggplant the other mysterious emoji reference. If you're looking for a pair you have found the right page.

Nice Pair Down Under

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