More Than Lipstick & Mascara

A Guide™

There are a few basic steps necessary for you to master your visual window into your beautiful soul. These concepts listed will overlap with one another to ensure that you’ll look the way you desire, which in-turn will hopefully help you feel less dysphoric and/or more comfortable being you. Your make-up will be the main thing showing on the surface, and your understanding of your facial anatomy will help you to create your most flattering shapes. Your skin regimen should also be behind the scenes working just as hard and playing a critical role in how your make-up applies and looks once you’ve finished.

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Terms to keep in mind:

a substance used for coloring/coloring matter. The vibrancy and boldness of a color/colors.
when a makeup product is soft and smooth like butter.
something that is being put on top of a part of your body that helps conceal or hide it. The ability to hide and conceal skin or unwanted imperfections.
(i.e. – High coverage meaning less skin like and no visibility of the original contents below.)
mixing something with another to combined and create, or to defuse color to make it look softer or less harsh.
Color Correct/ing.
Beauty Balm

I want to stress to you that it’s not important the company or product you use. It doesn’t matter. If it leaves a mark it’s going to work. Whatever works, works.

Mathu Andersen

Skin Care

Yes, we all get busy but there are some easy ways to use makeup to take care of your skin. What makeup is best for your skin type? Learn here.

Put Hydration Back On

Facial Anatomy

Don't keep that skeleton in the closet anymore lets understand some underlying facial structure so we can shape them as we need.

Face Shapes


Use makeup to help accent your face to appear as your authentic self. This isn't just for the feminine souls and non-binary friends.

Makeup Basics

Eye Makeup

Knowing your eye shape can help you apply makeup more naturally. Here are more tips for eye makeup to help you look your best.

The Window To Your Soul

Lip Makeup

While for most people lips are not the focal point of the face they can be an area of dysphoria for transgender people.

Pucker Up Buckaroo

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