Pucker Up

Feminizing Your Lips

A picture of a woman's lips.

We have now reach the bottom of the canvas, the lips! Everyone wants full and plump looking lips but not everyone has them, can afford them, or knows how to achieve the look with makeup.

It starts with a lip liner to help shape the lips you want. You can then fill in your lips with the same lip liner or apply a lipstick for the inner parts of where you outlined your lips.

To give a bigger appearance to your lips add a lighter color to the center of the lip and a darker color towards to outer part of the lips.

Contour underneath your lower lips to make them protrude outward and highlight above your lips on the cupid’s bow.

Pick colors that compliment your undertone and don’t be afraid of going from classic beauty to dangerous temptress. If you don't like it wash it off and start over. A little lotion on paper towel goes a long way to help remove makeup.

Masculinize Your Lips

A picture of a man's lips.

While transgender men may appear to have fuller more red or pink lips this is not usually a reason for one not to be perceived as male.

If it is a causing dysphoria for you there is an option. Purchasing a skin color foundation or nude lipstick that complements your face can help to minimize the color. Be sure to bring the small container with you as the product will slowly wear off during the day. It is not advised that you set it as it will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

As mentioned before most people do not perceive lips as inherently masculine or feminine unless they have applied lipstick. Some others have had dysphoria around the size of their lips. If this applies to you then practice holding your mouth closed more tightly.

Remember to always just be yourself and do what is most comfortable for you.

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