Facial Structure

I’m sure you’ve seen every tutorial on YouTube. Some can be very insightful and helpful in product reviews and demonstrations. However, there are some tutorials that have people applying the wrong shapes, colors, and formulas to their face. We’ll start with knowing the shape of your face, and understanding it’s anatomical properties and how vital it is in helping you look and present your best self to the world. There are four basic face shapes, but there are still so many variations from that, but generally you’ll fall into one dominant face shape.

Face Shapes


Generally smaller forehead and tapered chin.


Larger, less round forehead with a similarly sharp prominent jawline.


Larger forehead with a more tapered chin.


Smaller, often rounder forehead with a more pronounced jaw.

Knowing your face shape is a crucial step before experimenting with makeup so that you do not accent features that ideally, you might minimize. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve it is important to understand what are the typical features deemed for the gender binary.

Feminine: Soft and Delicate

Roundness is classically feminine. Ladies will appear to have larger individual features on a smaller frame. (ie: eyes and lips) Features tend to be closer to each other, centered. There is a high degree of artificiality accepted when it comes to makeup.

Masculine: Angular and Hard

Harsh bone structure is admired as beautiful across the spectrum, but it is classically thought of as masculine. Strong jawlines, larger foreheads, and a prominent brow is deemed masculine. Traditionally masculine people won’t wear make-up, so artificiality isn’t typically accepted.


Eyebrows can easily transform your face shape and help you appear more masculine or feminine depending on the size and shape of your brows. If your goal is to feminize your face then ask your local eyebrow stylist to take hair from the bottom of the brow, making your eyes appear larger and giving you more space to work with.

For a more masculine brow grow out your eyebrows to a bushy and full look, or fill in and shape your brows to appear blockier.

When applying your contours and lines to your face, keep in mind what is your goal? Is the goal to pass as either female or male? Is it to fall between the two? Or is it just to have fun? Whatever the goal, understanding how the beauty binary works will help you know how to play the system to your favor.

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