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The saying goes, “the eyes are the windows into our souls”. If that’s the case, then you’ll want the nicest windows on the market! Eyes are such a huge part of makeup that it truly is the main cast member of the show and the focal point of the canvas. The eyes allow you to apply all the colors of the rainbow without looking like you threw a bucket of paint all over your face.It’s important to remember that blending, and location of color is important to any eye look. A great tip is to apply a light color onto the lids and a darker color towards the outter V of the eye, this will widen and space out your eyes making them appear more feminine. For a more masculine eye just add a touch of a neutral dark shade in the crease of your eyes to deep set them.

Eye liner is single handedly the most important part of any eye look. It will help to feminize your face immensely or can make your eyes appear more seductive no matter the gender. You can create the always classic and familiar winged eyeliner which will help to widen your eyes and feminize your face. If you apply eyeliner in your waterline and your tightline then your eyes will appear more smizing. There are 3 types of eye liner which is Water, Gel, and Pencil cream. Try out each to see what fit’s your needs better, some find each type to be easier than others.

The last part of the eyes to top everything off is a nice a natural pair of eyelashes. Whether you are using just mascara or false lashes, experiment with different shapes, sizes, and lengths. Know if you would like a more feminine eye, that wide set eyes are the way to go. Use a mascara that helps to curl and lengthen your lashes or look for a false lash that has a great amount of length and volume towards the wigs and not all around. Remember to always curl your lashes!!!

Eye Shapes

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Close Set Eyes

Eyes are considered narrower than most. Apply light colors to the inner corners, and to widen your eyes, use dark colors on the outer V. Line outer corners with liner and use mascara on outer corners.

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Almond Eyes

Considered the nicest shape and proportion, any eye technique will work.

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Deep Set Eyes

The eye appears deep in the socket. They give the illusion of a very prominent brow bone. To minimize, apply light colors on the eyelid, with a darker color on and just above the crease, blending up and out.

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Down Turned Eyes

The purpose of your makeup application should be to lift and wing it out. Apply liner close to the upper lash line and blend shadow along the crease in the outer 2/3 of the eye. Curling lashes and applying mascara can also help make your eyes look lifted.

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Hooded Eyes

A fold of skin hangs over the socket line. This happens with age and is quite common. Use matte colors in a shade range of medium to dark and keep eye make up simple to avoid creasing.

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Protruding Eyes

This eye shape appears very pronounced from the face. The best way to shade this eye is use medium to dark matte colors on the lids, around the outer V, the lower lash line, and the water line. this will help your eyes appear as though they are receded.

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