Be Authenically You

Transcending Your Appearance

Wear clothes that fit your body type.
Everyone’s bodies are different in shapes and sizes, follow your own shape. Although shopping can be a very anxious and stressful time, it can also be a great moment in finding your style. Take a supportive friend that can work with you and make the experience more pleasant, pick out a bunch of styles, try them on, see how they look. Keep in mind that depending on the store, brands, or region you’re in that some clothes fit differently so you may end up with more baggy or tight options. Another point to keep in mind is traditionally jeans or pants will probably be one of the most difficult parts of the shopping experience, so take a deep breath and try all the styles to find which best fits you.
Flatten your chest
Don't use binders to create a perfectly flat chest. Guys aren't board flat. After puberty they all look different some are leaner and others are bulkier. The thinner and leaner the flatter chested by they still have some pectoral definition. The bulkier the more slant they have. Go for what fits your build rather than binding to the point of damaging yourself.
Get a hair cut
A masculine haircut doesn’t mean super short or army cut. Guys have more recently been playing with the looks of different lengths of hair so don't feel pressured to shave your head. Go to a barbershop and show them pictures of masculine haircuts you like. Most trans guys need hair to pass. Your hair is yours to express with and it will grow back if you let it.
Practice deepening your voice
While there is an app called Eva FTM for training your voice, it has become quite costly. A great resource that isn’t thought of right away is our good friend, YouTube! Look up vocal exercises for tenor, baritone, or bass voices. You can always practice singing or matching other deeper voices with your own and if practiced regularly, your voice will naturally be able to deepen. There are also lots of humming exercises that help train your voice before or after testosterone.
Work on your mannerisms
Typically, men have more heavy, boxy, and constrained mannerisms. Really anything that looks more fluid and graceful is almost certain to be viewed as feminine. Notice when someone masculine is walking their body seems stiff and almost locked. That’s because they’re walking with their legs spread out with their toes pointed outward, they are not leading with their hips. Practice walking, hand gestures, the inflection of your voice, the way you sit and stand. Men will spread out more, stand tall and confident, walk with confidence and purpose. Watch videos or movies and watch male characters and decide what attributes you like and make them your own.
Facial hair
Facial hair can immediately masculinize any face. You can shave your face or add mascara to the areas that have peach fuzz, just be sure not to go heavy handed and fill in lightly. Practice with it until you feel comfortable.
I know it might seem like make-up is gendered, but it’s only marketed that way. Make-up is for anyone and everyone and can help put those final touches on transforming your outer shell to feel more like those beautiful gooey insides. There are very few tutorials on masculine makeup, but there are some out there. Remember the first section about body types? There are also different facial types, shapes, and structures. Create new shapes that help make your face look more angular and chiseled. Masculine faces look more defined and structured that are also very flat looking.
But First, Makeup
If you have bottom dysphoria you can always pack, but know that even packing can create more dysphoria. Try stuffing first to see if you even feel comfortable with a new area of your body having shape. If you are looking for tips on packing, look here.
Find and Wear Clothes That Fit Your Body Type.
Everyone’s bodies are different in shapes and sizes; creating and taking away shapes will take some time and work. Every person struggles with this so don’t feel down about it! And there are plenty of other resources to assist you in finding how you could downplay your problem areas and show off your favorites! Although shopping can be a very anxious and stressful experience, it doesn’t have to be and could be all full of smiles! Take a supportive friend on your journey to help you feel comfortable, pick out a bunch of styles of clothes, try them on, and see how they look. Sometimes we want to fit into styles that won’t work with our shapes, so you should be willing to compromise, or try online to see if they might carry more options or different sizes. Keep in mind that depending on the store, brands often will have totally different sizes from each other, and that’s okay. You might be a Medium in general, but find an XL jacket that fits you as well.
Adding Your Chest
Having a chest can be one of the biggest parts of your identity; so adding shape and dimension to your body is a very important moment in one’s ability to feel comfortable. It’s all about proportion and to keep in mind body shape and size. This will make a strong influence and difference of where your chest sits. If you have a more luscious body your chest will also want to look a little plumper, but if you have more of a slender figure then a chest not too large will fit better. There are abundant of things you could use to add volume to your chest—padded bras are great, there are inserts, silicone cutlets, and so many more. Estrogen and progesterone will help you to grow boobs naturally over the course of your transition if you choose to medically transition.
Create Those Curves
Your Beautiful Locks
Traditionally, women are more accepted when having longer hair, but a feminine haircut doesn’t mean ridiculously long. Women have been playing with different hair lengths forever, so don't feel pressured to grow out your hair! Plus, it’s more versatile when styling, but that’s a whole other thing. Swoop bangs are the easiest, quickest solution for anyone trying to look more feminine with their hair, the reason being that larger foreheads tends to be more of a masculine trait. Highlights can add a lot of dimension and a gorgeous modern expression of femininity in a hairstyle as well. Explore hair styles online and work with a knowledgeable stylist to reach your hair goals.
Practice Feminizing Your Voice
Practicing talking in a falsetto or speaking in a higher tone then tenor will help exercise those beautiful vocal muscles of yours. A great resource that isn’t thought of right away is our good friend, YouTube! Look up vocal exercises for Altos, Mezzo- Sopranos, or Sopranos. You can always practice singing or matching other higher tones with your own and if practiced regularly, your voice will naturally be able to raise. There are also lots of humming exercises available that help train your voice.

Estrogen will NOT change your voice—that’s up to you or a surgeon. Feminine voices don’t always have to be high even though it’s more common. Pitch is one thing, but it’s the timbre of your voice that’s going to read as feminine or not. There are so many women with lower pitches, but it’s the warmth in their voice, and the breathiness that pushes it over the feminine line. When listening to these subtleties and duplicating them, it helps feminize the voice more and is less likely to strain your voice.
Work on Your Mannerisms
Typically, women have more fluid and delicate mannerisms. Really anything that looks stiffer and contained is almost certain to be viewed as masculine. Notice when someone feminine is walking their body maintains effortless swaying. This can be learned just by focusing on how it is that you’re walking more than you normally do. It’s not necessary, but it’s very feminine to walk in a straight line with legs centered, one after the other, leading with the hips and the legs. Allow your upper body to also relax and move with your hips. Your posture is huge! Having great posture will not only improve your back, but the way others will view you. Watch videos or movies and watch female characters and decide what attributes you like and make them your own.

Together with practicing walking, soft hand gestures, feminizing your voice, and the way are sitting and standing you are sure to see a significant change! Interesting enough studies have shown that women try to contain their space and not take up too much while men are more spread out and naturally take up more room. Regardless, stand tall and confident and walk with purpose! “Shoulders back, chest out, stomach in.” is all the ingredients to a confident presentation.
One of the best parts of looking and being feminine is… Curves! Curves! Curves! There are many ways to achieve looking more feminine through the beauty of under garments. Estrogen and progesterone will naturally give you curves as well, but if you’re in a pinch or just want a little boost, these will be your best friends.

- The first thing to consider would be buying padded undergarments. There are padded panties that have hip and butt enhancers in them that help give shape to your body. The waist is a big part of this but your hips will do more for you than a waist—believe it or not.

- If you’re interested in shaping your waist, however, wearing a corset will have an immediate effect, making you appear more feminine. A waist cincher will have a similar effect as a corset, but are less straining, can be more flexible, and can be put under more clothes than even the nicest mesh or satin corset. Start small though and DO NOT drop more than 2-4” from your natural waist initially. Your body will adjust and you’ll be able to push it further, but don’t try it right away or the corset will not do its job properly. Make sure you can always take a deep breath. If you cannot, your corset is too tight. It won’t be a comfortable deep breath, but having the ability is critical.
Tucking can be nice when wearing a tight dress, leggings, skirt, swimsuit, etc. but it can be exhausting, painful, and medically unsafe for a consistent and long durations. Instead look for a gaff, which would be more ideal for everyday use—it won’t conceal everything entirely, but it can flatten you to the shape and to the point where the natural shape of the genitalia disappears and you’re left with a smooth pelvis, allowing you to wear anything you feel comfortable in. But if you’re nervous about anything falling out, then tucking would be your best way to go.
Smooth As A Peach

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