Who & What Is Transvivor

About Transvivor

Transvivor's organization started as a means to show the struggles that transgender people face. It soon surfaced that transgender people could not simply search google and find a provider that would be affirming of their identities.

Though other sites similar to Transvivor exist Transvivor's approach focused less on the community doing to work of finding providers and took that task on as their own.

Transvivor's Mission

Transvivor is the transgender resource for all, helping trans people go from survivng to thriving. Our mission is to provide professional resources for the transgender community and their allies to foster acceptance, through refined education, exemplary advocacy, and thoughtful listening.

We care about the community because we are part of the community. It's easy to just call yourself an ally and put a sticker on it but when it comes down to finding care, Transvivor finds the best.

Transvivor's Team

Picture of Aiden Berzins

Aiden James Berzins

He | Him | His

Co-Founder | Tech

Aiden Berzins is a front-end development specialist who works tirelessly to keep Transvivor up to date. He believes that transgender people should have the same access to care as others and wants to empower them to find the care they deserve.


Peaches Schweitzer

She | They | He

Co-Founder | Youth Advocate

Ben (known throughout the community as Peaches) is a Youth and Transgender Advocate with close to a decade of community engagement experience. They are currently working in sexual health and prevention work. Peaches is expanding their horizons to cover all forms of advocacy.


Gatsby 565

I'm a dog.

Moral Support | Office Dog

Gatsby is the office dog here at Transvivor. He make sure to keep us up and moving. He also loves to play Pokemon Go!

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