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How can you become a stronger ally to the transgender community? We will give you some basic tips to get you started here.

Allyship Basics

LGBT Dictionary

What does cis-het mean? Or maybe gender variant? Learn the meanings of these terms with the help of the largest queer dictionary.

LGBT What?!


So what do gender identity and sexuality have to do with each other? Nothing. But we want to be inclusive of all queer identities.


You Asked What!

Curiosity is a natural thing but being a good ally includes being respectful about asking personal frequently unanswered questions.

What the FUQ


How do you use they/them pronouns in the singular? What about other gender-neutral pronouns such as Xe, Xem, Xer?

Xe Xem Who?


Finding affirming care as a transgender person is difficult, so we've started the process for you. Find the care you deserve.

Medical Transition


Our resource list is constantly growing, but we are a small team of two. If you are looking for some fun and social resources look no further.

LGBTQ+ Resources


While makeup is typically considered feminine, trans people can use it to help them feel less dysphoric and appear more as their authentic selves.

Be Yourself

What is Transvivor?

This site originally launched just in time for Pride 2017. I know not that long ago! We are just a couple of young people trying the change the way that transgender people are treated and helping them get equal access to affirming care.

Learn More About Us!

Transgender Affirming Providers

*This list is constantly growing. If you think we are missing a resource send us an email.

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