Transgender Parent FAQs

What is transgender?

A person who identifies as something other than the gender that they were assigned at birth is transgender. Transgender is a large spectrum of gender identities and expressions, including gender variant, transgender, and genderfluid.


Is my child transgender? Is my child gender non-conforming?

It would be difficult to diagnose your child with just this one question. It is best that you seek out a gender therapist who can help both you and your child navigate their gender identity.


How can I tell if my child is transgender?

There is not a single thing that has been pinpointed to say that a child will grow up to be transgender. If you believe that your child may be transgender you can allow them to explore their gender identity and have them meet with a gender therapist.


What is gender dysphoria? Help keep Transvivor  alive.Make a purchase through our Amazon link.A portion of the proceeds will be used to help LGBTQ+ youth.

Gender dysphoria is caused by a discongruence between one’s assigned sex at birth and their gender identity. For simplicity’s sake, gender dysphoria can feel like being trapped in the wrong body.


My daughter says she is a boy.

You child may be exploring gender roles. It may be in the spirit of a game or for the sake of fulfilling roles. If your child seems to be insistent that they are a different gender for a consistent amount of time, your child is likely transgender. You can seek a gender therapist to help you further navigate this personal journey for you and your child.


Does my transgender child need help?

 Your child needs your support. Refuse to be your child's first bully.


How do I support my transgender child?

You have already gotten off to the right start by asking questions. If you are here it is likely you are already doing everything you need to be a great parent for your transgender child. If you are looking for more personal help with this journey, you can reach out to a gender therapist.


Are they too young to be transgender?

While a child can’t be too young to be transgender or be questioning their gender, they can be too young to medically transition. There is more harm in not allowing a child to explore their gender socially than there is to allow them to be themselves. Most clinicians will not allow youth to medically transition until they have reached puberty.


What if I don’t feel they are ready for hormones?

Most clinicians will not allow youth to medically transition until they have reached puberty. There are also puberty suppressants available for gender expansive youth.


Are puberty blockers safe?


Who can I talk to about my transgender child?

Finding an online forum or a LGBT center provides you with other parents who are experiencing similar things to you.


How can I support my transgender child in school?


Did I make my child transgender? Did something cause my child to become transgender?

Your child’s gender identity is not preventable. Many families may never recognize that their child is having severe difficulties, while others report children as young as age three clearly identifying with the other gender. It is not your fault that your child feels the way they do.


I am worried about my family not accepting my transgender child?

It is recommended that the family do a weekend where the child tries out the other gender and see what happens. If you’re nervous about it, go somewhere for a weekend, and see what happens. See what happens when they’re in the clothing they choose.


Is my child just gay?

Being transgender does not necessarily mean that your child is gay. Just as a person who is not transgender may be gay, straight, or bisexual, so can a transgender person. It is up to your child to decide what is most comfortable for them. Remember gender is different than sexual orientation. The gender dragon can help you understand.


I feel like I am losing my son/daughter. What can I do to get them back?

It is normal to feel that the child you once knew is no longer a part of your life. However, your child is still the same person.


Why did my child wait so long to tell me that they were transgender?

It is a difficult process to realize that your gender identity does not correspond to the way others perceive your gender. Many people who realize that they are  transgender may have felt “different” throughout a portion of their lives without ever understanding why they felt that way.


What if my child decides to have body modification surgery?

If your child decides to make the physical transition from one gender to another, it is important to be as supportive as possible. While it may be hard to see your child’s physical appearance change so drastically, gender transition is often a necessary step for your child to feel more comfortable living openly as another gender. For more information on surgeries check out the transfeminine surgery or transmasculine surgery pages respectively.


Which bathroom do I take my transgender child into?

 Whichever bathroom you both feel most comfortable going into. This is another reason why gender expansive bathrooms are necessary. Break free of the binary.


How will my transgender child’s siblings react?

 Most youth are very accepting of a child’s gender expression. Just like young “boys” can play as princess and their “sisters” may not even flinch. You children will understand. They will likely have an easier time than you will.


What are pronouns? How do I use them?


Using different pronouns is hard. Do I have to use them?

 Using different pronouns isn’t as hard as it sounds. It just takes practice.