Not every transgender person is an advocate for the community. So here are some questions you may have about the community and some you shouldn't ask.

What is transgender?


Transgender is the opposite of cisgender. Cisgender is someone who identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth.


What does trans look like?


There is no right way to look or be trans. Transgender people can identify as many different genders including FTM (female to male), MTF (male to female), Androgynous, Agender, Two spirit, Third gender, Bigender, and more. We have a more inclusive list of definitions so, check out the LGBT…What?! Dictionary.


What does FTM/MTF/AMAB/AFAB mean?

 FTM – female to male

 MTF – male to female

  AMAB – assigned male at birth

 AFAB – assigned female at birth


Is drag a part of the transgender spectrum?

 Yes, drag kings and queens are a part of the transgender spectrum.


Can you be gay and trans?


Does changing your birth name include your first and last name?

It can. A transgender person chooses a name that encompasses their true self, for some that means changing their first and last name.


What pronouns do you use?

Ask this from everyone. Help to normalize asking about people’s pronouns. You wouldn’t assume someone’s name, so why would you assume someone’s pronouns?


What's the difference between being transgender and being intersex?

A person who identifies as transgender is expressing their gender identity. This identity being a core part of who they are as an individual.


A person who is intersex is given their identity. This identity is given by medical professionals based on an individual's sex assigned at birth. Some intersex people identify as transgender but not all transgender people are intersex.


Neither identity is chosen.


What is the difference between being transgender and being gender non-conforming?

Being gender non-conforming means not conforming to gender stereotypes. For example, someone’s clothes, hairstyle, speech patterns, or hobbies might be considered more "feminine" or "masculine" than what's stereotypically associated with their gender.

Gender non-conforming people may or may not be transgender. For example, some women who were raised and identify as women present themselves in ways that might be considered masculine, like by having short hair or wearing stereotypically masculine clothes. The term “tomboy” refers to girls who are gender non-conforming, which often means they play rough sports, hang out with boys, and dress in more masculine clothing.

Similarly, transgender people may be gender non-conforming, or they might conform to gender stereotypes for the gender they live and identify as.


Is it transgender, transgendered, or transgenders?

The correct term for the transgender community is transgender. Transgendered implies that something has happened to make a person transgender, which is misleading because the word is not a verb. Transgenders is also incorrect as it is being used as a noun. Transgender people are more than transgender, the word transgender is an adjective and is used to define on aspect of the community and not a group of people.