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Some of you may be pre-estrogen and others may have formed small breast on estrogen either way you somehow landed here.

What is padding?
Padding refers to the use of undergarments to create the appearance of larger breasts, hips, and buttocks. Create those curves, girl!
Why would I want to pad?
Padding may help you feel more comfortable in your body. It may help you be read as your gender. It may also improve the way your clothing fits you.

Compared to surgical options for creating larger breasts, hips and buttocks, padding is cheap, painless, and temporary. That's right enbies!
Is padding safe? What are the other options?
Padding is a much safer alternative to using silicone injections. Injecting silicone into the buttocks or face has a high rate of serious complications including severe scarring, injuries to the brain and spinal cord; pulmonary disease, a breathing disorder; and even death.
What options are availible for padding?
  • Padded panties, which are especially useful for making your hips look wider and your buttocks more full.
  • Breast forms, which are made of soft silicone gel and either adhere to your body or can be placed in your bra. They are available in different shapes, sizes and skin colours. Some have nipples and some do not.
  • Bras with pockets (also referred to as mastectomy bras), which accommodate breast forms.
  • Padded bras, which may be preferable if you have some breast growth but want your breasts to appear larger.
How do I clean padded panties, bras, and breast forms?
Follow the instructions that came with the item. Generally, hand wash bras and panties or use the gentle cycle of the washing machine. Hang to dry.
Sweat can cause breast forms to break down, so it’s a good idea to wash them with warm water and soap after use. To lessen the damaging effects of sweat on pads or forms that may come from wearing them on a warm day, wear a thin layer of absorbent material behind them to help soak up perspiration.
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