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Transvivor LogoTransvivor is all about gathering resources for those in and outside of the transgender community. They first noticed a lack of transgender inclusion, even in LGBT spaces. Allies seemed to be lacking in resources to understand and support transgender community.

With your help Transvivor can gather and create more resources for all communities to help create more inclusive environments for all gender identities and expressions. Sponsor Transvivor and help support your transgender communities.

Email us at aiden@transvivor.com

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While Transvivor has now been soft released they are constantly working on more updates. Sign up on our email list for monthly updates about what is happening with Transvivor.

We are working on completing our list of medical providers, looking into legal protections for transgender people, and many other guides to help transgender people and allies alike.


Transvivor believes that their work will never be done in the ever changing transgender community. If you have questions, comments, or concerns you can also reach out to Transvivor at aiden@transvivor.com.

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Transgender Parent Logo

Raising a Transgender Child

Raising a transgender child can seem overwhelming. How do you cope with changing their name and using different gender pronouns? Are they really transgender? Transvivor has a gender identity workbook to complete with your child to answer these questions and more. Learn more about raising a transgender child

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Transgender Affirming Providers

If you are looking for a transgender affirming medical provider it can be difficult to find one. Transvivor has a list of therapists, primary care physicians, clinicians, endocrinologists, and surgeons in your area.


Find A Transgender Affirming Provider

Transgender Affirming Providers

What is the difference between gender identity, sex assigned at birth, gender expression and different types of attraction? Let Transvivior help break it down.

Understanding Gender

Understanding Gender Concepts