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The coming out process is different for everyone.  Some come out to close relatives first. Others come out to friends.

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Coming out is when someone tells another person about their gender identity or sexual orientation. It is usually an ongoing process for a transgender person.


What should I know about coming out?

Coming out is a personal experience. Only you know when you are ready to come out and who you feel comfortable coming out to. If you want to start with your guardians or peers it is up to you.

Safety is the most important. If you ever feel unsafe about coming out, then don't feel pressured to come out.


How do I come out?

There are many ways to come out to people as transgender. If you have anxiety about it you can always write it in a letter and give it to the person you want to come out to. You can have a conversation in person or message your friends on social media.


You could also come out at school and talk to your school guidance counselor. They should support you in your journey.


Tell people that you feel comfortable telling and when you are comfortable to tell them. You don't have to come out to everyone or anyone if it doesn't feel right.


How do I choose a new name?

Find a baby naming book, look online, find someone you admire and would like to be named after. Finding a new name that fits you can be a challenge. Don't feel pressured to change your name right away or at all if you don't want to. Some people keep their birth names. You can even ask your friends and families what names they think suit the real you.


What pronouns do I use now?

Test new pronouns around friends and people you feel comfortable around first. See which ones suit you best and keep them. No need to ask permission the pronouns are yours and they can change later too. There are also Neutral Pronouns you can use.


Things to consider before coming out.

Not everyone is supportive of the transgender community, so trust your gut and only come out when you feel safe and ready to.


Being transgender is absolutely real and some people may try to talk you out of being your authentic self. Know that their is no standard for what transgender looks or feels like. It is your decision who the real you is.


Others may not listen to you or won't try to understand and that's okay too. Just move forward with being yourself and don't concern yourself with them.